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Understanding and Compassion

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The Company You Keep

When you find peace in your own, quiet company, what you seek from others often changes. Instead of trying to find someone to complete you, you seek people who add to the happiness that you have already found. - Doe Zantamata 

Now and forever

You are living next year's memories now. Enjoy every moment that you can. - Doe Zantamata 

Remembering you

Those little kind things you do may mean so much more to people than you realize. Maybe now, or maybe sometime in the future when they doubt kindness exists, and then they remember you. -  Doe Zantamata 

The Path is the Point

Maybe I'm getting older. What a silly expression. Of course I'm getting older, we all are.  It seems like the past few years, people in general have become more in a rush than ever.  Technology was supposed to free us of mundane labor so that we would have more time. And it sure has. Washing machines, online ordering, coffeemakers, and so many other devices and services save us all the time we used to have to spend to do a lot of necessary stuff.  But what are we doing with these precious hours? Are we creating? Learning? Repairing or building?  Or are many people either consciously or subconsciously just wasting the extra time that they've been given?  It used to be that if there was an article with a headline, if the headline caught a person's eye, they would read the article. Maybe clickbait caused a mistrust in clicking, or reading too many similar things made some people believe that there was no point in even reading the article, but that they should i


You don’t have a chance to go back into history, but you do have a chance to move forward into destiny. -Doe Zantamata 

Realizing Your Value

Realizing your value in all areas of life is critical to receiving people who will appreciate you. Not knowing or dismissing your value will make you only able to receive those who don’t know or dismiss your value, too.  -Doe Zantamata