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Squeaky Wheels

Sure, the squeaky wheel gets the oil...when it really needs oil. But if the wheel keeps on squeaking for no reason, or causes the passengers in the car discomfort or danger, it gets replaced. Are there people in your life who do nothing but keep on squeaking, causing disruption in your life and the lives of those you love? No matter how many times you try to appease them or make them happy, they always find something else to be upset about? At a certain point, you'll have to realize that whether they see it or not, they are determined to be upset about something at all times. You can't fix that. Then, you have to decide if that's something you really want as a constant energy in your life, or not. By Doe Zantamata, from, "Everyday Life Wisdom"


If you were to open the front door and see that it had started raining, you wouldn't slam it and curse the clouds because it was sunny just an hour before. You'd get an umbrella, and be on your way. Part of embracing change in life is knowing that you will be able to adapt. There is a comfort in the familiar, but new things can be better than before, or, the change may even only be temporary. When faced with change that's not in your control, adapt, and be on your way. By Doe Zantamata, from "Everyday Life Wisdom"